Weaver Recommendations Summary

July 16

The renovation and opening of the new Weaver High School in the fall of 2019 is a long-awaited project that alumni and North Hartford neighborhood leaders have pushed for as a revival of the school’s deep traditions and a renewed community commitment to advocate for stronger quality of life outcomes for its youth.

Hartford Public Schools (HPS) and Blue Hills Civic Association (BHCA), have formed an unprecedented partnership to co-lead the Weaver High School Steering Committee and engage the community to exchange information and bring forward ideas about the project.

The draft Weaver Redesign Plan and recommendations were developed by the Weaver Steering Committee through a cross sector, co-creative process including the school district, community based non-profit organizations, corporations and the business community, parents, and students. Teams were asked to dream big and create a design for the highest quality high school. The design plan and recommendations directly reflect this visioning and in some cases imply major policy changes. The Steering Committee understands that many inhibitors to change exist within the current educational system, and that all the recommendations may not be achieved in the short term. However, with continued collaboration between the cross-sector partners who developed them, great progress is attainable.

School Climate and Culture

Aligning the Weaver vision with professional learning, staff and student health and wellness, restorative behavioral practices, mentor support, and overall hiring as well as strategies for diversifying the applicant pool.

  • 3 learning pathways/1 unified campus

  • Culturally Responsive Staff

  • Restorative Justice Practices & Discipline

  • Comprehensive School Health & Wellness Programs

  • 4-year Social Learning Capstone Project

Family & Community Engagement

Co-creating a Community School model with culturally responsive parent engagement systems including additional support staff and the use of Naviance, Powerschool, and other essential tools for students, parents, and teachers.

  • Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

  • Weaver as Community Hub w/ State of the Art Facilities

  • Student & Parent Control of Academic Success

  • Parent Liaison/Organizer

Student Centered Learning

Designing and implementing personalized learning, an authentic advisory program, dual enrollment opportunities, Academic Family and Teacher Team meetings, and a summer bridge and continuing education program.

  • Freshman Mentorship Program

  • Student Showcases and galleries

  • African American/Latinx Course Offerings

  • Student led Advisory Block

Industry and Higher Ed Partnerships

Utilizing the Industry and Higher Education advisory board to support the two schools and three themes with unified partnership standards, counseling efforts, and career-based opportunities for all of Weaver High School.

  • Industry & Higher Education Partnerships Coordinator

  • Industry and community Internships

  • Decreased School Counselor to Student Ratio


  • June 26

    Steering Committee meets to work on Year 2 implications from current recommendations (small groups and brainstorm)

  • July 1

    Revisions committee sends revisions to workgroups (and steering comittee) for additional work

  • July 16

    Workgroups and
    steering committee submits final recommendations to Revisions Committee

  • July 23

    Steering Committee meets and finalizes set of Year 2 implications

  • August 7

    Final Plan Review Committee completes first draft of plan (recommendations and implications) and sends to Superintendent and HBOE

  • Weeks of Aug 14th & 21st

    Final Plan Review Committee meets with the HPS senior leadership and members of the HBOE

  • August 25

    Final Plan Review Committee sends final plan to Steering Committee in prep for final steering committee meeting.

  • Aug 27

    Steering committee meets to review final plan and prepare for HBOE presentation

  • Sept 4

    Recommendations presented at BOE workshop for approval

  • Sept 15 and on

    Steering Committee shifts to monitoring and oversight. HPS Implementation Committee forms

Questions for the Community, Teachers, Parents, Students regarding a Principal for Weaver High School

  1. Which experiences do you feel it is necessary for the Weaver principal to have?
  2. Describe the characteristics the Weaver principal should demonstrate?
  3. Describe the leadership style the Weaver principal should have?
  4. What core values are necessary for the Weaver principal to have?
  5. Describe any other qualities you would like the Weaver principal to have?
  6. What are your expectations for the principal regarding cultural sensitivity and awareness?
  7. What community connections experience such as: internships, corporate sponsorships, job shadowing, mentoring, etc., should a principal have?
  8. What should a principal demonstrate to indicate that he/she has the experience and skills to create a “One Weaver” environment?
  9. Describe the educational philosophy you expect the principal to have as it relates to restorative justice (social justice and structural racism).
  10. Describe how a principal should demonstrate success in teacher retention and student achievement.
  11. What evidence should a principal be able to share that demonstrates successful family and community engagement?
  12. What experiences working with the school district in expanding diversity in hiring should the principal have?