Art Exhibition
Weaving History into the Future

On February 28th we hosted an art exhibition to celebrate the re-opening of Weaver High School in the Fall of 2019 by reminiscing on the past and hoping for a bright future. 

Social justice, equity, equality and the ambitious dreams of pursuing a high-quality education form the primary narrative underpinning the exhibition. Through this exhibition we aspire to document and further amplify the voices of students and families to advocate for their own vision for public education, with a specific focus on Weaver High School, located in North Hartford.

We invite you to take a look at our collective hopes, dreams, fears, and vision around education in Hartford.

About the Weaver High School Design Project:

The Weaver High School project began as a community driven effort to renovate one of North Hartford’s great institutions.  Not only to restore, but enhance collaboration to create an unprecedented model of excellence in education that provides opportunities for students and the community to thrive.

The newly renovated Weaver High School will be ready to open its doors to Hartford students in August 2019.

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Video and Photos from the Opening Reception
Check Out Photos from the event