Design Project
Call To Artists

We’re hosting an art exhibition during the end of February and into early March featuring the Weaver High School Design Project.

Social justice, equity, equality and the ambitious dreams of pursuing a high-quality education form the primary narrative underpinning the exhibition. Through this exhibition we aspire to document and further amplify the voices of students and families to advocate for their own vision for public education, with a specific focus on Weaver High School, located in North Hartford.

We invite you to participate in creating images that invite us to consider our hopes, dreams, fears, and vision around education in Hartford. This exhibition will showcase various art forms. Details and eligibility requirements are below.

About the Weaver High School Design Project:

The Weaver High School project began as a community driven effort to renovate one of North Hartford’s great institutions.  Not only to restore, but enhance collaboration to create an unprecedented model of excellence in education that provides opportunities for students and the community to thrive.

The newly renovated Weaver High School will be ready to open its doors to Hartford students in August 2019.

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Opens December 8, 2018 –
Closes February 20, 2018

10 -15 artists proposals will be accepted and 2- 3 videos. The selected artists will be notified on February 23, 2018 and will participate in the exhibition


February 28, 2018 – March 14th, 2018

Artists Collective
1200 Albany Avenue, Hartford, CT

A collection of paintings, photographs, videos, music, spoken word and poetry.

Submission of videos is limited.

Opening Reception

February 28, 2018

Opening will include music, poetry, song, refreshments

Opening exhibition reception open to Hartford residents, parents, students, public officials, educators, business and community leaders.

1Application Process

Individual artists from the Greater Hartford region are invited to submit exhibition proposals.

Artists must submit proposals to Achieve Hartford! using this Google Form.

Proposals will be accepted via Google Form only – materials emailed, sent or delivered to Achieve Hartford! will not accepted or returned.

2Selection Process

During review of proposals, reviewers will consider the following:

  • Artist Merit

  • Work is appropriate for Hartford students, families and community

  • Work reflects the diversity of the community and/or provides opportunity for community enrichment

Gallery Specs

We are reviewing gallery location at the time of this call.  We will update artists on specs via the Google form.

Contact Information

Inquires to be directed to:

Nyesha McCauley
Storyteller & Communications Lead
Achieve Hartford!
[email protected]
(860) 244-3333

Exhibition Terms of Agreement:

Length of Exhibit
The length of exhibit will be determined by the artist(s) and Achieve Hartford! staff prior to installation.

Transportation of Artwork
The artist(s) is/are responsible for the transportation of the works to and from the Gallery location.

Installation of Artwork
Achieve Hartford! staff will arrange date of installation with the artist(s). Supplies, accessories, equipment and assistants needed to install and display artwork are the responsibility of the artist(s). The scope of the exhibition should not require more than one day of installation. Exhibitors cannot paint the walls of the Gallery.

Display of Works
All paintings, prints, drawings, photographs, and other 2D artwork must be suitably framed. Unframed paintings that employ the wrap-around-canvas technique may be acceptable. Gallery walls and panels must be left in the condition they were found.

Electronic Equipment
The use of electronic media is encouraged but must be approved by Achieve Hartford! staff. Sound installations are permitted for exhibition. Should electronic media be approved, the artist(s) must provide and implement reasonable security safeguards for equipment. We will confirm required outlets to accommodate necessary plugs. Neither Achieve Hartford! nor the Gallery building management is responsible for lost/stolen/malfunctioning electronic equipment.

Labeling and Signage
The artist(s) is/are responsible for labeling and signage of the works being exhibited including title, year created, medium and price. The artist(s) is/are responsible for providing high resolution image(s) for signage and promotion, and an artist statement and biography, and/or description of exhibition. We’re happy to help, please let us know.

Opening Reception
Achieve Hartford! will plan, produce and underwrite an opening reception for the exhibition, which can include beverages and hors d’oeuvres. The artist(s) is/are encouraged to attend the reception.

Achieve Hartford! will design and produce promotional materials such as, but not limited to, a color postcard, electronic communication and press release to market the exhibition and gallery reception. The artist(s) agree/s to provide high resolution images of work being exhibited, contact information, an artist statement and biography, and/or description of exhibition in a timely manner when requested by Achieve Hartford! staff.

Achieve Hartford! will also promote your exhibition and reception via our social media channels, which may include, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or the Achieve Hartford!’s newsletter.

Sales Transactions
All works on exhibit may be priced for sale. Achieve Hartford! staff will obtain and share contact information of interested buyers with the artist(s) to negotiate sale of work. All sales must be negotiated directly with the artist(s), not through Achieve Hartford!. Artwork that is sold must remain in the gallery for the duration of the show.

Security and Insurance
Neither Achieve Hartford! nor the Gallery building management assumes responsibility for the preservation, protection, possible damage, or theft of any item displayed. Neither the Achieve Hartford! nor Gallery building management provides any insurance coverage for the artwork. The owner of displayed artwork agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Achieve Hartford! and Gallery management from any and all losses, claims or liability arising out of or relating directly to the use of its premises. The artist(s) will be notified immediately if any damage is noted or if any of the works are unaccounted for during the exhibit.

Removal of Artwork
The artist(s) is/are responsible for removal of work at the end of the assigned exhibition period. If the artist(s) fail/s to remove the works by the agreed-upon date, the Achieve Hartford! reserves the right to remove and store the works. Neither the Achieve Hartford! nor the Gallery building management is responsible for any damage that may incur during removal and/or storage.