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Help us design a great high school

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              The Weaver Campus is currently under construction and will open for the 2019-20 school year

              See the proposed timeline


              Students will thrive when teaching and learning is responsive to their individual interests, strengths, needs, learning styles, cultures, backgrounds and aspirations.
              By understanding each student as an individual We can provide the support each student needs to achieve, contribute & succeed.
              In addition to core course requirements as outlined by the State of Connecticut, Advanced Placement courses, dual enrollment in college level courses and internships, each school on the Weaver campus will also have specialized coursework options:

              High School, Inc. – Hartford’s Insurance & Finance Academy

              • Entrepreneurship

              • Financial Services

              • Managerial Accounting

              • Principles of Accounting

              • Principles of Finance

              • ECE Economics sequence of Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

              Journalism & Media


              • Video and TV Production

              • Media Experience

              • Practicum Journalism and Media

              • Digital Photography

              • Graphic Design

              Kinsella Magnet High School of the Performing Arts

              • Dance

              • Drama

              • Costuming

              • Production

              • Musical Theater

              • Vocal Performance

              • Jazz Performance

              • Film

              Top Tier Facilities

              State of the Art


              DESIGN GOALS

              A NEW START

              Promote positive psychology and emphasize the idea of a new start

              STATE OF THE ART

              The new building was created with an uncompromised state-of-the-art design in mind


              The new campus will feature top tier facilities that support community events such as theater, lectures and sports


              We want to promote accessibility, energy and support of community engagement that instills pride in the students and surrounding community


              The building itself will be transparent in a way that is accessible and inviting, but also secure


              The building will excite and inspire students as it celebrates and embraces its legacy and history of successful graduates

              Check out the proposed campus


              The steering committee is guiding the process of designing the new Weaver High School.  They will be responsible for:


              • Providing consistent communication/information to the larger community (stakeholders, etc.)
              • Keep work groups accountable to move the design recommendations along
              • Provide support to work groups in the form of feedback, access to information, and/or expertise (now-June)
              • Create feedback loops by assessing feasibility of recommendation throughout the summer by making collective decisions (June-July)
              • Support the approval of Weaver recommendations in the implementation stage (August 2018-August 2019)
              Steering Commitee
              Work Groups

              School Climate & Culture

              Family & Community Engagement

              Student Centered Learning

              Industry & Higher Ed Partnerships

              Work Groups

              Workgroups are taking on different aspects of the project in detail – Engaging multiple stakeholders in designing recommendations for Weaver High School around four areas:

              Family & Community Engagement

              Building a strong family and community environment.

              • School as a Hub
              • Supporting Learning
              • Parent Voice

              School Climate & Culture

              Creating one positive school culture across disciplines that school staff, parents and students can be proud of.

              • Welcoming Environment
              • Restorative Justice
              • School Health

              Student Centered Learning

              Building student-centered approaches within the Weaver curriculum to ensure that every student develops the critical thinking, problem solving, and other deeper learning skills needed in order to graduate high school prepared to contribute to their communities and succeed in college and at work.

              Industry & Higher Education Partnerships

              Designing connections to higher education and the workforce Weaver students will someday enter.

              • College prep and counseling
              • Industry related internships
              • Industry and Higher Ed voice

              Each group meets monthly, check the calendar for dates and times

              STAY UPDATED

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